Repairs & Reglazing to Windows and Doors

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If your double glazed units are misted or broken House Doctors have the solution.

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Don’t waste money replacing perfectly goods windows for new. Get the House Doctors to fix them.

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The doors to your property provide access and security so it's vital to ensure they are well...

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Door Repairs

The doors to your property provide access and security so it's vital to ensure they are well maintained which will provide you with peace of mind.

Modern uPVC doors are fitted with multipoint locks which provide a high level of security, but when these locks fail it can cause major problems especially if the door is in the closed position and cannot be opened.

In most cases, House Doctors can release jammed doors and repair / replace faulty locks.

Another important thing to consider is that your door is only as secure as the key barrel that is fitted. Regardless of how secure your multipoint lock is, if you have a standard euro cylinder fitted this is very vulnerable to attack by snapping the cylinder and overriding the lock.

House Doctors can supply and fit the new generation of anti-snap, anti-bump ABS cylinders..... to your existing multipoint locks giving you the highest level of protection from forced entry.

In most cases, House Doctors can release jammed doors. A common problem that occurs is the door catching on the frame while trying to close it or the locking bolts fouling the keeps when the handle is lifted making it hard to turn the key.

In most cases, this can be solved by a few basic adjustments of the door hinges and by squaring up the door frame.
So if you have problems with your locks or hinges or need glass replacement or even if you need a cat or dog flap fitted then House Doctors can help.

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Your home is at risk of forced entry by lock snapping .

The vast majority of cylinder locks fitted to doors here in the UK would fail a snap lock forced entry attack.
Police forces around the country have noted a sharp rise in burglaries being carried out using this method and have linked forces with the lock industry to design a cylinder that resists forced entry by snapping.

For peace of mind and to protect the things precious to you, House Doctors can supply and fit ABS cylinders which carry the highest level of security on the market, TS007 3 Star Rated & SS312 Diamond Rated.

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